Jean Bartlett

IndiAsia and the Dragon

Award-winning children’s book by Bay Area author and journalist Jean Bartlett

IndiAsia Book Cover

“The dragon’s body was three shades of emerald green and the sheath of each wing was painted a brilliant purple. The bottom of its feet and the tip of its nose were lavender, and when the dragon opened its mouth to breathe, a fire as brilliant as a new day’s sun sprang forth.” The moment IndiAsia first saw the dragon, she knew without a doubt that her life would never again be as it was. Nor shall it be for any reader who discovers this book and, in turn, discovers that the truth of our greatest moments of victory, courage and belief waits quietly within. A story of encouragement to all children, Jean Bartlett’s IndiAsia and the Dragon is the recipient of the 2001-2002 Mentoring Award from Big Brothers Big Sisters of the East Bay, Inc. Throughout the history of Big Brothers Big Sisters, this is the only book to receive an award.

IndiAsia and the Dragon can be ordered or purchased directly from Florey's Book Co. in Pacifica. (650) 355-8811. 2120 Palmetto Ave. Pacifica, CA 94044.  floreysbookco@yahoo.com

IndiAsia and the Dragon can also be purchased directly at (not ordered from) the P-Town Café, 152 Reina Del Mar, Pacifica. For those who know the author, you can contact her directly.