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Krista Markowitz
Children’s book author, spiritual journeyist, channeling healing words for the here and now

Today’s date: August 5, 2009

Recently published: “Mrs. Tipperwillow’s Afterlife Adventures” ~ Illustrations by Jenny Markowitz

Author website:


The facts:  Krista Markowitz has written and self published a first of its kind, not-for-children-only book, which lifts the veil on an unknown realm, the spirit world as it exists for children.  Within three connected stories Mrs. Daisy Tipperwillow, appearing as a whimsical, compassionate and very fashionable sort of cow – leads six children on their exploration in Summerland.  Summerland is a dimension where everything is created instantly by thought.

Additional fact:  Many years ago when Krista’s daughter Jenny was twelve, she suggested that her mom write a children’s book and that she would illustrate it.  It took twenty years, but that’s exactly what happened!

Where to purchase “Mrs. Tipperwillow’s Afterlife Adventures”: Florey's Books, Pacifica, CA; Coastside Books and Inkspell Children’s Bookstore, Half Moon Bay, CA; East West Bookstore, Mountain View, CA; Books, Inc. at Opera Plaza, Laurel Village and Marina branches in San Francisco, CA; Linden Tree Children’s Books, Los Altos, CA; Capitola Book Café, Capitola, CA; Full Circle Books, Belmont, CA; Avalon Visions, Capitola Village, CA; and through

Quote from a reviewer:  While catalogued under Juvenile Fiction, “Mrs. Tipperwillow’s Afterlife Adventures” is for anyone of any age who has ever wondered, what happens after the heart stops beating.  Like the very best of stories, it has silliness and giggles and interesting questions.  But perhaps the most profound leap from the pages is a child’s acceptance of wonderland.  It is a particularly healing read for children with terminal illnesses and their families – but for all, it is a continuum of contentment. – Pacifica Tribune

Mrs. Tipperwillow is proudly in the hands of:

•  Seventy-five hospices, bereavement groups working with children and children’s hospitals in North America, Britain and Australia.

•  John Cali, channel for Chief Joseph. (

•  Lee Carroll, author of eleven Kryon books and co-author of “The Indigo Children,” “An Indigo Celebration,” “The Indigo Children Ten Years Later.” (

•  Jonette Crowley, channel for White Eagle and author “The Eagle and the Condor.” (

•  Norma Delaney, channel for Quan Yin and co-founder with E. Garret Annofsky of The Ohamah School. (

•  The Findhorn Foundation. (

•  Joy Gardner, author of 11 books on holistic healing and health. (

•  Linda Benyo and Geoffrey Hoppe, channel for the Crimson Circle. (

•  Wendy Kennedy, channel of the Pleiadian Collective. (

•  Wulfing von Rohr, chief editor, Angel Magazine. (

•  Louise Sarezky, author “Are We There Yet? An Adept’s Guide to Living in Expansive Energy.” (

You first came to the attention of the public as an ‘artist’ in May of 2003, when you and your daughter held a joint art exhibit entitled, “Dreaming Life.”  With a degree in psychology, how did you make that first leap from the world of science into the world of art?

No leap was needed!  Art has always been a part of my life.  That art should lead directly into a book – now that I never expected!

In 2003, you were painting oils on canvas.  You said of your work: “I paint from the inside out, releasing conscious planning and allowing images as messages to come through.”  This is very freeing and needs sharing and elaboration!

In our society, no, in our world, thinking has long taken preeminence over feeling.  We have thought ourselves into the trap of continually recreating what we see around us and what has come before.  Opening out into the unknown in the arts allows new energy in to break up the stagnation.  As to my process, I pick a starting color or two or three and a corner and just begin to PLAY!  As Mrs. Tipperwillow says, “Life is a play – so why not play more?!!”

How did the story of “Mrs. Tipperwillow” first come to you?

It happened in that second sad and confused week after 9/11.  I was painting with soft pastel swirls of color on a small canvas.  I turned the canvas over and saw the beginnings of a strange face.  Some sort of creature with the feeling tone of a cow was staring back at me!  I brought the face out with more paint.  “You sure seem to have a personality!” I said under my breath.  Right in the center of my head I heard a sweet female voice, “Thank you for doing my portrait!  My name is Mrs. Tipperwillow!”  I wrote “Mrs. Tipperwillow” on the back of the canvas.

She went on to tell me that her job was to guide and care for children in the spirit world.  I was intrigued because I have always been interested in what goes on after physical death, and I had never heard more than a slight mention of what afterlife might be like for children.  Soon thereafter I started seeing the same images when I awakened in the morning – a child’s hands reaching out to catch a fuzzy pink ball of cotton candy and a forest of birch trees, leaves rustling in the wind.  A red bird stared down at me from one of the branches.  Soon I started writing what I was seeing and began hearing the dialogue, too!

Were you shocked by the experience?  Did you think, or even care, if people would think you were crazy?

No, this was a happy surprise, but not a shock.  I’ve been able to hear spirits on a continual basis for nearly thirty years – but never Mrs. Tipperwillow!  In those early days I was concerned a lot about what other people would think and kept what was happening mostly to myself.  At that point the word ‘clairaudient’ was unknown.  But after awhile whatever closet we’ve trapped ourselves in feels a bit tight, eh?  One of the great things about getting older is allowing ourselves to be just who we are and whoever gets us does, and whoever doesn’t – well, that’s okay, too!  My excitement at bringing out Mrs. Tipperwillow’s delightful tales was enough to allow me to just go for it.

Why did Mrs. Tipperwillow pick you to get this ‘story’ out there?

My impression is that Mrs. Tipperwillow and I have been friends on another level for a long time.  That sneaky veil makes us forget our larger group of friends in other dimensions and the plans we make for what we might do together here on Earth.

Every adventure in your book, and every sorrow, you rode on in your mind’s eye.  Did this just happen spontaneously or did you sit down and specific times to seek out Mrs. Tipperwillow so you might continue writing this journey?

I never tried to force anything.  Perhaps this is part of why it took me seven years from beginning writing to get ”Mrs. Tipperwillow’s Afterlife Adventures” published!  I kept a small diary book nearby as much as possible for sudden bits of dialogue or pictures that would come through to translate into words.  If I didn’t have a diary with me, I’d ask that what I’d seen or heard would be recorded on another level for me to access later.  I once lost a whole finished chapter on my computer, and I heard the whole thing again word for word and wrote it down.  Mrs. Tipperwillow calls this storage place and connector between dimensions the “light web.”  Greg Braden calls it the “matrix”.

Who exactly is this Mrs. Tipperwillow?

Mrs. Tipperwillow is and has been for many generations a spirit guide who cares for children who have passed away.  She made up the name Daisy Tipperwillow and her persona as a two-legged “sort of” cow because, as she says, this pleases her.  She relates in the book why she chooses to appear as a cow.  And she certainly knows how to have fun and shares this and her gently spoken understandings with her children.

Were you personally surprised at some of the places where Mrs. Tipperwillow took you to?

I was usually surprised, because I never really knew what would happen next.  And this was a large part of the fun!  I heard terms and saw images that I’d never before consciously heard or seen.  For instance when the children reached the Library of Lives, I heard the conductor of the Skytrain call out “Hall of Records!  Hall of Records!”  It wasn’t until a month after I’d written this that I read in a Kryon channel that the Hall of Records is the name of the place where the Akashic records are stored.  And of course, I was surprised when Mrs. T. tells Jamie she’s in a story, and then all the children learn my name.  What is real here and what’s made up?  That very question is part of the fun, too!

If there is only one message that people receive from “Mrs. Tipperwillow’s Afterlife Adventures” what do you hope it would be?

In short, life is continuous, so smile and make it good!  What we call death is as simple as blinking our eyes and finding ourselves in a new place.  Overcoming fear of death disempowers those who would use this fear to control us.  When people stop fearing to live or die everyone’s creativity will take a giant leap forward into this new space we’ve created!  Then comes, pouring in, the new ways of healing ourselves and the planet, the new inventions, educational methods and so forth.

Please list those individuals and organizations which you really encourage people to explore.  This is the website of Jenny Markowitz, the brilliant illustrator of "Mrs. Tipperwillow's Afterlife Adventures." Here you will find Jenny's magical and organic jewelry creations through the Younglove Collective – in addition to her 4’x3’ oil paintings.  This is a free on-line classroom of the new spiritual energy.  Since 1999 Geoffrey Hoppe has channeled Tobias, Adamus Saint Germaine and Kuthumi lal Singh.  The main thrust of this international group is to bridge the gap between human and divine, to promote the idea that “we are God also,” and to encourage us to assume full responsibility for our lives and creations.  All channels can be read and/or heard.  Lee Carroll channels Kryon, who calls “himself” the magnetic master.  This website is also free to everyone.  The main thrust of the Kryon channels is to merge science with spirit.  Kryon lovingly lets us know that we are never alone and shows us by what is happening on Earth the signs of our progression towards a peaceful planet.  This is a new one for me!  Channel Wendy Kennedy brings through the Pleiadian Collective who presents a fascinating picture of early Earth history.  Her CD “Earth Transitions: A Pleiadian Perspective” is nothing short of amazing.  Author of my favorite eye-opener book, "Party of Twelve: Afterlife Interviews."  She also wrote "Imagining Einstein" in which she channels Albert Einstein.  With great love and clarity, Barbara shares the results of her ability to listen beyond.  Her website contains thought provoking personal pieces and some of her channelings.  Free again!

For some free and daily messages check out:  This is my favorite because after the original sign-up, telling them my name and a bit about my dreams and hopes they send personalized messages five days a week that always somehow manage to hit just the right note.  Full of humor and appreciation!  Signed by “The Universe.”  Daily messages cover how we are creating our own reality with every thought.  A good daily reminder, though not as full of joie de vivre as the TUT messages.

Your book also has something extra which people receive just in the opening of it, can you explain that?

Because I have been conversing mentally with spirits for so very long, I originally thought it would be fun to have a chapter in the first story called “Angel Spots.”  The idea was to call to the “big three” Archangels; Mikael, Raphael and Gabrielle and ask them to put their healing energy in one of three colored circles for readers to touch.  For a variety of reasons this didn’t prove feasible.  So I put on my meditating cap and called on these Archangels plus Archangel Metatron, Jesus, Quan Yin, Tobias, Kuthumi and St. Germaine to add their loving, healing energies into all the pages.  So now, if I feel the need for balancing myself, I just pick up Mrs. Tipperwillow’s and read a few pages!  I’ve felt the energies that have been added into a few books on spirit written for adults but never into a children’s book.

Why is the world ready to meet Mrs. Tipperwillow?

The timing is perfect for Mrs. Tipperwillow to fly into the world, because we are at the decidedly rugged beginnings of a new era, one in which all people will live, as Mrs. Tipperwillow says, without fear and greed.  This can be seen ironically enough in the way that all that is not of the light is being exposed as the new energy pushes it up.  Those who fear the changes are scrambling to maintain their ways of thought and action.  Won’t Work!

Many people are getting bone-tired of explanations that do not explain such as “God works in mysterious ways” or “Be good and go to heaven.”  It is often the children, in their innate curiosity, who ask first “But where is God?  And is there really a devil?  And what is heaven like?  And why do people die when and how they do?  And why do people do bad things?  And what happens to them when they get to the spirit world?  Mrs. Tipperwillow has spent generations answering these same questions for the many children she’s guided.  She feels it’s now time for those of us on Earth to be able to listen in.

Do you still visit with Mrs. Tipperwillow and is there another book?

Yes, Mrs. Tipperwillow still visits sometimes, and Gino, the really active eight-year-old boy in the stories does, too!  Not long ago we had a clairvoyant man visiting with his wife and children, also clairvoyant.  Charles asked. “Who is that boy running around?”  I answered “Oh, you must mean Gino!”  “Yes, that’s it,” he replied.

Several other Mrs. Tipperwillow books are in the fomenting stages.  One is a book telling children on Earth how they can create the reality they want.  This will be called “Mrs. Tipperwillow’s Creation Cookbook.”  Another is “The Contrary Angel” about a little girl who refuses to have fun in the spirit world – no matter what Mrs. Tipperwillow tries.

Also two children in the same spirit family came to see me a few months ago to tell me their stories of how they got to the spirit world and what happened next.  These two short stories, “Johnnie Crayon” and “Rachelle Seashell” will be coloring storybooks at first which I will donate on-line (once the illustrations are completed) to children’s hospices and bereavement groups that work with kids.  I have some illustrations already, but I’m looking for more children and teenagers who are interested in completing a line drawing for these “autospiritographies.”  [Contact me through my email address if you know a young artist who would like to do a drawing (with written credit given) for this project, and I will send along the stories with instructions as to which pictures I still need.  THANKS!]

Readers speak their minds on “Mrs. Tipperwillow’s Afterlife Adventures!”

Elaine Lafontaine, Pediatric Hospice, Ontario, Canada
Just wanted to drop you a note to say WOW!  I love, Love, LOVED it!  The ending is amazing – out of this world and rings so true to my heart and the truth my heart knows.

Gael Hillyard, Inverness, Scotland
I started reading your book.  I found it really difficult to approach because I cried my eyes out on the first page – it is beautifully written.  When I was six I had some dental work that nearly went wrong and what you wrote and the energy behind how you phrased it brought those moments of flying (mine was through space) and feeling the most awesome sense of 'something or other' imaginable right back to me and I was captivated! I have read about NDE's (near death experiences) but not so exquisitely (and I have to say as painfully), nor as accurately as you wrote it.

Karen Jasper Wood, Sacramento Area, CA, mother of eight-year-old Jalen
My son Jalen and I attended the Children of New Earth conference.  The last day of the conference he told me he wanted to buy your book.  I sent him over to the table to ask how much it was.  He came back with the book in hand.  He said some woman standing at the table bought it for him.  I was amazed and grateful.  Jalen does not like to read very much and has had some recent troubles with comprehension.  He LOVES your book and does not want to put it down.  I have to tell you Thank You!

David Shoshani, Jerusalem Area, Israel
Today was the day when I turned the last page and said goodbye to the children, but mostly, to Mrs. Tipperwillow.  I have been, and in a way still am, sensing her presence.  So much compassion, patience and tenderness that oftentimes, mostly in the last chapters it brought tears to my eyes.  Excellent work you did, bringing those subtle and fine energies from that realm into the physical ones.  I am sure your book contributed to ‘my’ growth.  More aspects of myself are now here.

Kalei Ching, Moss Beach, CA
Julianna, nine years old, read the entire novel and loved it.  She asks questions about the afterlife and refers back to the lessons she learned in the book from time to time.  We are Catholic, and I haven't found any inconsistencies with what I believe and teach my own kids in the book.

Eileen Kinney Lindgren, Kara Youth and Family, Sunnyvale, CA  (“Kara” works with grieving children)
We have thoroughly enjoyed reading “Mrs. Tipperwillow's Afterlife Adventures” and have added it to our collection.  May your writing continue to grace others.

Julie Clemence, Cape Town, South Africa
I just finished reading Chapter 4, “The Library of Lives.” I found it incredibly moving – complex concepts explained in such a simple and colorful way.  This is definitely a book for adults too!

Daisy Suter, Ontario, Canada
Just reporting in.  Gulliver's Book Store is ordering your book.  The Heart of Unity store is also bringing it in.  The Circling Hawk Book Store lady said it was very interesting and will order it.  The Martyn's Funeral Home is putting it in their library.  (Jodi Martyn read it and thought it was wonderful, she only returned it to me tonight.  She is young with 3 small children and her children have been questioning about what happens after death and she didn't know what to tell them and your book helped her.)

A message from Mrs. Daisy Tipperwillow

May your hearts be glad and your creations sound. May you remember how deeply loved you are – each moment and forever.


Krista Markowitz and Mrs. Tipperwillow interviewed by Jean Bartlett for GrabIt